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I got the "bootload error" on my UCX II that I had read about here. It was under warranty, so I sent it to Synthax for repair, which all went smoothly.

The thing that was a little off for me is I sent a mint condition unit (less the bootload error!) out for repair, and I received a different used unit in exchange that has a lower serial number and some obvious signs of wear. It's nothing terrible--some scratches on the display, some messy adhesive on the bottom where the feet go--but is that typical for warranty service?

I assumed if they sent a replacement rather than repaired it would be a new unit; I couldn't find any documentation about that in the support literature.

I can live with the scratches, but RME was a big investment for me so I'd been babying my UCX. Also, I'm not sure if/how the serial number difference impacts any future warranty claims.

Thanks for any insight,

Re: UCX II Warranty Repair

Hello, who did you deal with, Synthax US or UK? Can you send me the two serial numbers?

Daniel Fuchs

Re: UCX II Warranty Repair

Hi, thanks for following up. I sent it to Synthax US.

The serial number on my original unit was 24071445.

The replacement unit is 24068326.