Topic: RME UFX2 Windows WDM alternative for mac os

I shifted from Windows to MacOS for my UFX2 and encountered a few problems.

I teach students using Zoom and had to make some adjustments to send the drum mix to the student without sending back his voice:

In Windows 10, I created a few WDM devices in the RME utility:
- Default 1/2 outputs
- Additional 3/4 outputs

In Zoom, I chose the 3/4 outputs RME device as the default speaker. Then, in TotalMix, I used ADAT 15/16 with Loopback to send the full mix back to Zoom and set the level of the 3/4 software outputs to zero to prevent my student's voice from Zoom being sent back to the mix.

However, in MacOS, I do not have the option to create a virtual RME device (like WDM) with 3/4 outputs - only the default UFX is available.

Could you help me figure out how to manage this in MacOS with the RME UFX?

Re: RME UFX2 Windows WDM alternative for mac os

I am searching for the exact same answer. While TotalMix and the whole RME Interface makes a lot of sense to me on a Windows machine, the Mac Support seems to be lacking.

My first try have been the MIDI Audio Settings in Mac OS but the more videos I'm finding online about this issue, the more I have the feeling that the answer is just "There is no real solution, just stay on a windows machine if you want to route software inputs."

Any suggestions would be very appreciated!

Re: RME UFX2 Windows WDM alternative for mac os

WDM devices aren't "virtual"... That said, this might help: … ce-mac-pc/

Daniel Fuchs

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Re: RME UFX2 Windows WDM alternative for mac os

Old post and those who have inquired have probably found their solutions; but Rogue Amoeba's Loopback application is the perfect partner application for RME interfaces connected to macOS.

You get access to every input/output from your RME interface and can create as many virtual input/output devices as you please. It essentially gives you the same capabilities as an RME interface connected to a Windows PC. I'd argue greater capabilities.

Here's a good video covering the topic:

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