Topic: UFX II / III in CC + 12Mic, proper connection


I had a look at UFX II / III + 12Mic and wonder how they would run together with the UFX in CC mode.
I guess the UFX, both II and III will expose 24 output channels in CC mode and will have to route the 12Mic inputs via ADAT in case of II and ADAT / MADI if coupled with the III. In the ADAT-only case I'd need to run a BNC cable from UFX II WC out to 12Mic WC in, as 12Mic does not have ADAT ins to get synced. With the III, 12Mic will sync via MADI.

Am I right?
Not sure about the channel count limitation in CC mode, I faintly remember OctaMic XTC MADI-capability was reduced to 24 channels in CC mode, but this may have been improved in the meantime.

Best regards.