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Topic: Hdsp(e) Digiface ,sync options for older converters

Hi all.
I ‘m using older gear along with my Hdsp(e) Digiface and i would like your input in order to sync them correctly.I'm using 2 very old motu 2408 mk2 on standalone and 1 old PreSonus DigiMax FS and/da.
The Rme works well as a masterclock through adat and the presonus reacts flawlessly.
The motu accepts it on the analog output side, but for the analog inputs it works only with its internal clock.
So i wonder if there is an alternative connection in order to have both motu modules sync from their internal clocks (or something) and this clock going to the other modules (rme, presonus). Or is it impossible?
Some people say that using a bnc chain from the Rme wordclock out to the converters and using the rme internal clock and the motu-presonus wordclock ins works better and it's the solution.
Haven’t ever worked with bnc and wordclocks.Don't know if I need t connectors or daisy chain. The presonus has termination, so i think it must go last.
Any idea?

Ps. Solved. For future reference.
In order to make it work Bnc cables is the way to go. Keep them short. So the rme must be set to its internal clock. Adat from Rme to all in-out of the ad/da. Keep presonus or something with a terminated bnc socket last. It may matter.
The ad/da must be set to receive from external clock, the motus must be connected on group c adat in-outs and also set to analog. That’s it. All synced and sound as good as they get.

Re: Hdsp(e) Digiface ,sync options for older converters

How did you connect the motus when it is not working. They need both an adat in And out to sync. To be exact the motus should sync on their adat inputs. The motus need to be set up to do this, clock is adat in.

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