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Topic: CAN MY Digiface HDSP, be utilized with an M1 MacBook Pro?

I’m trying to resurrect my vintage system which dates back to the days of the original Digiface HDSP with the pci and laptop cards. It was used in a Mac G4 and in a 2008 Mac Pro, along with Digital performer, and a Mackie HDR 24 track HD recorder, with 24 channels of Adat I/o. Cards). All still work fine, as they’re literally LNIB condition.
Can the Digiface be used in any capacity with a NEW m1 MacBook Pro based recording system with DP  & Logic?
BESIDES MULTITRACKING, I’d like to archive live stereo, reel to reel and cassette concert tapes, to the the mdr, before the tapes dégrade .
Can the HDR BE set up to record to and to playback with the m1 Mac and what modern interface would be necessary? As far as interfaces, 4 or 8 analog ins, for mic/ line/ guitar are required. As far as adat I/Os, don’t most audio interfaces have 1 or 2. 2 would be preferred. Would I then have to move the adat cables to utilize channels 17-24 on the MDR?
Bang for the buck is the consideration. Thanks.

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Re: CAN MY Digiface HDSP, be utilized with an M1 MacBook Pro?

for all the ADAT channels you simply could buy a Digiface-USB, it has 4 ADAT Ins / Outs .

For the additional Microphone and analog I/Os the new UFX III would be the top unit.

It has only 2 ADAT inputs but it has a MADI and if you find a Madi card for your Mackie you could upgrade to Madi and have all chennels available in Totalmix.

For the old Digiface, there is some external housing on the market for PCI cards to USB but I can't recommend one.
Better get a new interface.

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Re: CAN MY Digiface HDSP, be utilized with an M1 MacBook Pro?

PCI to USB does not exist and would not work.

The original Digiface is still supported with up-to-date drivers, but these require a PCIe card, not PCI. And usually a TB to PCIe chassis to connect it to the Mac.

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