Topic: RAYDAT showing incorrect sync

I'm trying to work in 96k and I have a HDSPe MADI and RAYDAT on the same mac.

MADI is synced to incoming wordclock at 96k no problem. 

RAYDAT is connected at internal sync in to MADI card internal sync out, but the Sync In on RAYDAT HDSPe settings GUI shows 48k.

When trying to playback from SPDIF output on RAYDAT, correct audio is heard intermixed with regular clicking suggesting a clocking conflict.  I suspect the 48k Sync In as being the problem, but I don't understand why the Sync In is only receiving 48k from the MADI card which is running at 96k.  Nothing I do seems to change the 48k input on RAYDAT Sync In.

Re: RAYDAT showing incorrect sync

Is "Single speed" active in the HDSP MADI settings?
Selecting Single Speed in the Settings dialog causes the output signal to always stay within the range of 32 kHz to 48 kHz. So at 96 kHz sample rate, the output word clock is 48 kHz.

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Re: RAYDAT showing incorrect sync

Where does your SPDIF signal go?

Daniel Fuchs