Topic: Assist installing HDSPe MADI PCIe Card

Hey all. I have a HDSPe MADI card that I am trying to get my computer to recognize. I have Win 10 with multiple PCIe slots. I have tried the card in each slot and also in another computer. When I boot up the PC the error light does flash on boot but then turns off. I would assume that I should see the card in Device Manager but I never do. I am wondering if there needs to be some other external power for this card or if someone could offer any suggestions on when this card wont initialize on either for my computers? Thank you in advance.

Re: Assist installing HDSPe MADI PCIe Card

Did you check the BIOS for enabling PCIe slots ?

The error LED is no problem, it is a MADI-error-LED.
It lits on, good sign the card receive power.
It lits off, good sign the card did some work and decided to switch it off, no MADI errors encountered.

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