Topic: Setting an output other than 1&2 as default out for Finder?


I'm setting up a new system & have a digiface USB with total mix installed.
The way I want to work is to have out 23&24 as outputs to my monitor section on the mixer while working - leaving 1-16 for mixdown duties & others for FX..
this is easy in my daw as I can set master out to 23/24 while working and recording, but I'm having trouble setting up finder on mac M2 (13.4) to also default to out 23/24.
this is so I can listen to music from finder/itunes ect or on Youtube for example without re-patching...

In the past I've had an option in finder or Audio Midi Setup to select the specific outputs on the device (an old computer and interface admitedly) but I just can't find that option in this sytem..
I can only seem to select 'Digiface' and then it just sends out 1&2 automatically without option..

Does anybody know how I can either sort this out in Finder/AM Set up - or indeed if I could create routing in total mix which routs the computer to 23/24 without interfering with the routing being as normal from DAW?

Many thanks in advance!


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Re: Setting an output other than 1&2 as default out for Finder?

Hi Steven

Open the Audio-Midi-setup in the Mac.
At the bottom left side there is this gear-wheel symbol, click it.
Loudspeaker configuration
Select Adat 23 for speaker L and Adat 24 for speaker R

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