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I’m just trying to understand what RME offers…

If I own a Fireface UCX II, why would I need an ADI 2/4? In my understanding the Fireface has AD/DA converters too and I don’t need the phono preamp.

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Re: Learning about RME

Read the manual of the ADI-2/4 Pro SE, then you know it feature-wise.

Furthermore, a good source of information, my blog article here which collects some interesting information. … ses-EN-DE/
You should also watch the YouTube video about the converter shootout, ADI-2 Pro FS (older model) vs Lavry and HEDD.

An alternative might be the ADI-2 Pro FS R BE

Major differences between ADI-2 Pro FS R BE and ADI-2/4 Pro SE see this sticky posting:

What you get additionally by the ADI-2/4 Pro SE (not only phono input):

  • 5 ref levels keep SNR/DR high over an even longer range

  • 4x Line Output (XLR and TRS); 2nd rear output now balanced (TRS)

  • TRS output can be assigned to channels 3/4 as independent 2nd line output

  • Balanced headphones use channels 3/4 only

  • Single standard 4.4 mm Pentaconn plug for balanced headphones, super low noise.

  • Headphone amplifiers with little more power (4W balanced) including IEM power setting

  • Line/Phono inputs (MM compatible) with RIAA mode "for directly digitizing vinyl discs"

  • Trigger out function for powering on/off external devices together with ADI-2/4

  • Supported D/A Filter (7): SD Sharp, SD Slow, Sharp, Slow, SD LD, Brickwall, NOS

  • New PSU ATS040T-P120, lockable, with safety ground

Optional (soon): linear power-supply from RME for all ADI-2 Series devices.

An additional plus for all devices of the ADI-2 series of devices, the ADI-2 Remote software.

How to integrate the device into your environment, e.g., to enhance your monitoring, see this blog article: … our-Setup/

I am using two ADI-2 Pro FS R BE in combination with UFX III.
One for the Recording and one for the HiFi corner.

What I really like are the benefits in sound and the features like dynamic loudness and auto ref level
which are very uniq features and are a game changer.
Furthermore, features like ramp-up of volume when plugging phones or switching between active monitors and headphones make the environment better operable also in terms of safeness for ears and equipment.
Different D/A filter can lead to a little improvement of the localization like percussive musical instruments like shakers, KaiS wrote to that topic.

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Re: Learning about RME

RTFM! :-) :-) :-)