Topic: random reboot issue - HDSP conflict?

I have been running into an what i thing could be a conflict issue.
The problem is whenever i turn on my pc, and have it on for about 15 minutes or so it automatically restarts.
The heat is no issue here because there are more then enough fans too cool my pc down, and even when i am not doing anything on my pc is restarts.
The cpu runs on 50 % normally and the dsp is only working at 6 %, so there is no starin here. My old pc had the same issue, and my new pc has the same issue, while the only thing they have similar is the hammerfall card.

Would u happen to know how to fix this issue?

thanks in advance,

p.s. here is my setup:

Specs: Studio Ubuntu 8.10 with RT-kernel
RME HDSP Hammerfall 9652 Rev 1.6 , ALSA 1.0.17
Fujitsu Siemens AMD board with 1.8 Turion
4 gigs of ram
ATI Radeon onboard videocard