Topic: MADIFace for new MacBook Pros?

The new MacBook Pros (15" and 13") do not have an ExpressCard/34 slot!  Anyone know of a plan to release a MADI interface that does not require this slot?  Just about everyone I know using this interface has been using it on a 15" MacBook Pro.  I would hate to have to get a larger machine (the 17") to have to continue MADI interfacing when I decide to upgrade my original 15"

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There are no plans to release a MADIface which isn?t based on an ExpressCard (yet), so it needs a 17" Macbook Pro or an older 15" model.

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Raise hell wherever you can to bring the ExpressCard back to the 15". They brought Firewire back after a lot of complaints so if everyone is loud enough they might listen. I think there is going to be a whole reorganizing of the laptop line so anything COULD happen.
There are also lots of new old stock 15" going for good prices from Apple Stores.

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An artist I work for just bought a new MBP 15" with neither one of us realizing that it didn't have the card slot.  In the end, we've just decided to use my machine (I have an older MBP with the card slot) to do the live recording we're doing.  When I decide to buy a new machine, I'll weigh the options on whether to buy a 17" model, a computer larger than I'm interested in carrying around, or just carrying my old machine and relegating it to MADIFace duties.

Still disappointing..........