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I am wondering must you need a Mackie controller in order to be able to use midi or can every fader etc, learn?

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This is covered somewhat in the instruction manual, though as is the case in many parts of the manual, it is not especially clear. 

What I get out of reading it is that MIDI control of Taotalmix only happens in MIDI standalone mode, when the FF is disconnected from the PC.  That does not jibe with what I remember reading in the manual 2 years or so back when I bought it, so I will consult the paper manual when I get home (although firmware may have changed)

try around p 83

Several important faders can be controlled in stand-alone MIDI mode using the standard Control
Change Volume (CC 07) and Control Change Pan (CC 10). With this, the most important
volume settings of the Fireface are controlable from nearly any MIDI equipped hardware device.
The faders are controlled via differrent MIDI channels:
Hardware Output (equals third row, volume only)
Analog Out 9+10 (Phones) MIDI channel 1
Analog Out 1+2 MIDI channel 16
Hardware Input (equals first row, volume and pan)
Input channel 1 MIDI channel 2
Input channel 2 MIDI channel 3
Input channel 3 MIDI channel 4
Input channel 4 MIDI channel 5
Input channel 5 MIDI channel 6
Input channel 6 MIDI channel 7
Input channel 7 MIDI channel 8
Input channel 8 MIDI channel 9
Input channel 9 MIDI channel 10
Input channel 10 MIDI channel 11
Input channel 11 MIDI channel 12
Input channel 12 MIDI channel 13
Input channel 13 MIDI channel 14
Input channel 14 MIDI channel 15

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Actually, come to think of it, I think that is about what I remember reading previously.  Haven't bothered to check it out.

I think we all would love to see a midi learn function in totalmix, or at least a VST program that interats with totalmix within your VST host, which could then be controlled by any controller assignments available, inluding automation. 
Would love to assign an LFO to totalmix Pan on some channel, or use a joystick to control surround location within the totalmix mixer.  But, sadly, I use Sonar, which does not implement the ADM protocol, so I have to do all this mixing completely in software.

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I've got a JL Cooper CS-32 on order, will it work?

ADM, it is implemented in Reaper no, why not Sonar, it's fully working in Steinberg Media now is that right?

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A VST program in the host sounds like one of those things that are too good to be true due to factors non-technical, ie autocratic dictatorship.

Anyway, why does it use all different midi channels for individual faders? Can't it just simply use the next CC? If I can set up midi i/o to and from the totalmix mixer then when Cubase loads for example those ports will be "inactive".

Please fix this because I want to buy in to the technology and if it's not fixed I may just want to die.

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This Midi control method is not very clear. It says that the CC format is Bx yy zz, where x is the MIDI channel...but this gives you a midi channel of about 170??? I don't understand.

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Obviously there should be a dedicated manual for Totalmix and MIDI but the ad hoc nature of development means that even the best of manufacturers will succumb to sub-standard practices in relation to information disclosure.

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Hi, I am also interested in non midi automation of totalmix functions and if it is possible.

But in the meantime I have been working on a Reaktor ensemble to control totalmix functions.  This would provide midi learn to external hardware, automation IDs for hosts, and settings recall via snapshots; that you could use on Mac and PC platforms.  The only requirement would be a registered version of reaktor on the same computer.

I have some experience so far producing midi functions for live hosts:

While there would appear to be a 'kore' bias there, the functions are useful for any host that can route midi internally like Reaper for example.

Basically, totalmix.ens would be like a middleman allowing various ways to control totalmix.  Since it is reaktor and not a compiled VST plugin, you can access the structure and change or extend the functions yourself.

And as with all the reaktor content I have produced, it will be free of charge.  Since I just finished the last toolpack update and am currently laid off, I should be able to make some progress here soon.


jonathan adams leonard

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sounds great jonathon, but what about Totalmix, how does it "learn"?

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Well, totalmix doesn't learn and this is what reaktor might help with since reaktor can be changed.  Usually 'learn' refers to an easy way of assigning a midi controller or message to a parameter.


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Regardless of whether or not TotalMix can learn, is there seriously no way to control it via an external MIDI controller when FF400 is running on a computer? I managed to get an external box (Behringer BCN 44) to control my main audio out level, but that's as far as I could get. I tried configuring each rotary encoder as per the channel list, but no luck.

If this is true, I find it extremely disappointing, because although the FF400 sounds great, is stable and offers supreme flexibility, having to scroll through different parameters via this single rotary encoder is extremely cumbersome and time consuming! I just want to be able to reach for a knob and turn it if I want to adjust a level sad