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Sorry if this is offtopic but there doesn't seem to be a general area for discussion.
RME doesn't seem to give out much info on what they're working on next, but I'd really like to see a RME-style, feature-packed headphone amplification system for my already RME-exclusive homestudio!
Anyone else? cool

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right! we're never given any news on what rme is working on!!
we, as rme fans, would love gossip - ironically - like, give us some!


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I'd buy a killer RME Headphone Amp for sure.  I see that Presonus just released one that looks pretty cool, but only has a whimpy 150mw/channel (not enough for some applications IMO).  One that has an ADAT Input would make an ideal addition for most any current audio interface IMO.  TBH - the HA4700 has lots of neat functionality - but I just wish it was better quality (and had Talkback functionality).


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Does RME have any intention to go DANTE or RAVENNA?
I`d be most interested, since I will take that route.....

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I'd be interested as well.  I'm strongly thinking about the Merging Horus.  I'd love to see RME manufacture a card that accepts Ravenna.  What would also be great, is allowing that card to work with the HDSP family.  The final step, would allow total mix to route from card to card. 

Ravenna> AES or Madi or any of the HDSP cards.  Any network channel to any HDSP output or the other way around!  I'd be sold.

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Hello Everybody!
May I suggest a new product to RME?

I'd love to have something that is sonically on par (GREAT sounding) with the Apogee Symphony I/O, not harsh/sterile/cold..indeed GREAT sounding, that is modular in the AD and the DA section as well, with the driver stability that RME is known for.. hopefully all in one box.. max 3 RU maybe?

DB25 I/O and 8 channels of premium converters ad or da cards only (no preamps) to fit into the slots.. sort of like other companies like Burl, IZ or DAD have. Would be great to be able to fit 16AD and at least 32DA in the same box.. without having to buy 2 boxes (with added expense for no reason, like the IZ).

Interfacing the computer with DANTE or MADI (maybe even Ravenna) and maybe even a USB port (like in the Symphony I/O with limited channels of course).

So that the guy wanting a top notch conversion (without preamps) 8 channels AD/DA is buying just what he needs, and who's still working with an analog desk (or analog summing) will be able to have at least 32DA to go out with all in the same box.. all with the great stability rme is known for..

Just my 0.02$,

I hope I didn't offend anyone over here.. (I own a digiface and a multiface2 and SSL alphalinks, that starts to be long in the tooth)..

Thanks RME