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Topic: Channel Numbering when changing Sampling Rate

Hi all.

I have a MADI setup with:

2x MICSTASY, 1x ADI-642, 1x MADIFace + Sequoia (MBP/XPSP3)

When I record at 48kHz everything behaves as you would expect -16 channels of 48kHz Audio gets dumped to disk.

When I record at 96kHz, Channel 1 from MICSTASY ID1 appears as channel 5 in Sequoia. The last channel from MICSTASY ID2 appears as channel 20.

I'm not _very_ experienced with MADI (this is my first rig) but I am getting the hang of it fairly quickly.
But, this channel numbering thing is a little confusing.

I am also not convinced that the 'follow clock' is working properly on the ADI642.
When I select it on the MIDI Remote, it stays lit for a couple of seconds and then goes out again.

FC seems to be OK on the MICSTASY's.

Madiface firmware is 15 (latest?)
Also, latest Windows drivers
MICSTASY firmware is 2.1

any pointers would be greatly appreciated.




Re: Channel Numbering when changing Sampling Rate

To find the problem first forget Seq. and check on what channels in TotalMix the signals come in.
The firmware of the 642 is?

Matthias Carstens

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Re: Channel Numbering when changing Sampling Rate

Thanks for the quick response Matthias.
Well there's the problem...

I think my (new) unit is on 1.1

I'll have to have a chat to Steve and get him to flash it to 2.1 for me.

I'll check the totalmix output tomorrow and get back to you with an answer...



Re: Channel Numbering when changing Sampling Rate

Matthias, I think the channel renumbering is simply me not getting my head around the ADI642 quickly enough...
I understand what is going on here now, so all is good...

am still crossing my fingers that the macbook pro holds up though ;-)
if you have any hints as to how to prevent/resolve intermittent lockups as per my latest post, it would be appreciated.