Topic: AIO shown as DSP MADI

Hello, I am trying to get the new AIO working in linux, but the card is being shown as:

02:00.0 Multimedia audio controller: Xilinx Corporation RME Hammerfall DSP MADI (rev d4)

...using the command lspci

Is this correct?  It is my impression that the AIO is an HDSPe card and should be using the HDSP driver in linux.  On this system the HDSPM driver appears to be loaded, and available as a driver in qjackctl.  qjackctl runs with it fine, alsamixer opens the card and shows resources, but no sound output is yet possible and there are no midi drivers shown in alsa.

Could it be this new card needs a firmware update so it presents itself with a different id and can work with the existing hdsp driver?

There is no information about the AIO yet in ALSA to say supported or not.  Perhaps this is because it should work like the 9632, but I would like to confirm the correct id for this card and what driver should be used.


jonathan adams leonard

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Re: AIO shown as DSP MADI

I noticed that the support being written since a year ago for the Raydat is being done in the HDSPm module, snd-hdspm.  Why would the raydat support go into the madi module and if this is necessary then maybe support for the AIO needs to be there as well?  The 9652 is supported by snd-hdsp.  Thats too bad because then no hdspmixer or controls...