Topic: 9632 under 64studio


I am using from few days a 64studio 3.0 beta3 installation with my DELL PRECISION T5400 and a EMU-1212m card. I will ditch Vista and I will buy a better card for this new situation.

I used RME products in XP and Vista (Digiface) and now I own a ADI-2 with my AD/DA converter that is a fantastic product (the best on the market at his price).

I use EMU1212m with only S/PDIF cable but with alsa driver I found many problem with sample rate (max 48Khz) and bit depth (only 16bit is OK, with 24 only xruns...).

My question is: If I buy a 9632 and connect only S/PDIF in and out can I work at 192KHz with hdsp alsa driver???

Thank so much for any response.


Re: 9632 under 64studio

Hi Miles, I have not done this myself with the 9632 but it is common knowledge that this uses the same HDSP driver as the multiface and digiface in linux.  Doing a search of the 64studio forums you can see many people using this card already including Quentin Harley who is a classical recordist/engineer, linux audio guru and part of the 64studio team.

Thats great that you went for the 3.0 beta 3 version, but the current stable release is 2.1  I am not aware of any issues at 192kHz but if you find any it would be helpful to report here and to 64studio team.


jonathan adams leonard