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Topic: HDSP PCMICA + Digiface and Windows 7 RTM - No Audio(ASIO)/Midi

Evening all,

I'm installing my Cardbus and Digiface for the first time in windows 7 64-bit.. a clean install, all seems to go well, the firmware and the driver install successfully. When firing up cubase 4 I'm able to select Hammerfall DSP Asio and see all inputs/outputs, everything appears to be in place right up to hitting play and the marker moving.. but there's no sound (no sign of life with any cubase vu-meter, or total mix meter)... however, the same rig works with the only differrence being XP rather than windows 7 (and relative drivers of course)... I've spent the last 4 hours or so (it really has been) trying to troubleshoot it ie. checking presets/outputs in total mix, multiple reinstalls of driver etc.. but to no avail... can't give up now though!.

Audio is present when using the native full duplex driver or windows sounds.. it's just the Hammerfall ASIO and the new generic low latency driver with cubase 5 which won't work

I've tried differrent hosts since (renoise/reaper), again with no joy via ASIO

The midi ports aren't working either, the interface led does indicate incoming traffic at midi port 1.

Wondering if anyone has had similar problems? or even better a similar working system... could do with a bit of hope or help... cheers

Digiface Hardware Revision: 17
Drivers WDM Streaming pack 3.082 (later tried 3.075, no change at all)

EDIT.. further info, definately only a problem with ASIO, directsound works fine on any adat channel in apps that support it. Still no midi though

Re: HDSP PCMICA + Digiface and Windows 7 RTM - No Audio(ASIO)/Midi

I can't get the audio to work in Cubase 5 on a fresh Windows 7 x64 install. Media players all play audio fine, yet in Cubase despite setting inputs and outputs, whether in Duplex, and setting the in and out buses up, or using the Asio Hammerfall. just no activity when loading a WAV file in an audio track and setting stereo in and out. I am wondering if my Cubase install got corrupted. Its a genuine licensed copy with dongle. Suddenly F3 doesn't bring up the mixer anymore, I have to do it with the mouse through the menu. How strange and annoying is that. If I disable the RME audio drivers on my computer and run with the windows generic drivers, I can hear the metronome and audio fine using the generic driver in Cubase, but not with the Hammerfall, despite it working when listening to something outside of Cubase. Also, when running Cubase, it is clearly accessing the driver, as you can't then use WMP or any other audio program.

Despite there being no visual sound signals, I swear I can hear a really really faint trace of the wav file coming through my monitors though. (I have been tring to make it all work again for hours too)

I may try to uninstall and reinstall Cubase, as it didn't help to do so with the RME drivers.

Re: HDSP PCMICA + Digiface and Windows 7 RTM - No Audio(ASIO)/Midi

BTW my RME drivers are version 3.082 like yours

Re: HDSP PCMICA + Digiface and Windows 7 RTM - No Audio(ASIO)/Midi

Hi, after spending the last 4 and a half hours trying to fix this, I can narrow down the problem slightly.

-If I uninstall the RME Hammerfall device drivers and use my generic High definition windows audio device I can open Cubase and hear click track, audio, everything through my computer and start working.

-With RME Digiface Hammerfall device drivers installed and working fine in the windows environment (media player, winamp), but not allowing any kind of sound output whatsoever in Cubase despite setting up the input and outputs and trying the ASIO Duplex, ASIO Hammerfall DSP and Generic low latency ASIO options.

Re: HDSP PCMICA + Digiface and Windows 7 RTM - No Audio(ASIO)/Midi

I reinstalled everything on a fresh harddisk and the RME doesn't set up with the Hammerfall driver, even the control panel button only worked once randomly. I can only make the card work on the ASIO Full Duplex driver, which just sucks. WHY WHY WHY!!!!! What's going on?