Topic: extra urgent near-mythological FF800 problem


I am helping some composers and musicians who are setting up an electroacoustic concert.

The computer is an Apple Powerbook 12' (PPC machine) and the audio interface is an RME Fireface 800. There is also a Yamaha digital mixer. The Fireface is connected to the mixer using ADAT. This is NOT my hardware, but as a regular FF400 user I feel at home with RME interfaces.

Everything has been working correctly today (we were using Reaper and Max/MSP 4).
But this evening, we started the PPC version of Pure Data ("Extended" version) and discovered that Totalmix does not display the ADAT channels anymore. I do not know if Pure Data has been responsible for it (anyway there seems to be a bad interaction between Pure Data and the FF800 on this computer, which I could cut short as "it's extremly sluggish").
Using "Limit bandwidth" on the Fireface control panel does not help. I even reinstalled the driver and the situation is the same: only the analogue and S/PDIF channels show up.

Any solution for getting ADAT back?

I suggested we used another computer...

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Re: extra urgent near-mythological FF800 problem

Limit bandwidth set to Analog+SPDIF, or 192 kHz sample rate active.

Matthias Carstens

Re: extra urgent near-mythological FF800 problem

Sorry I had forgotten to answer...

The problem was: for some reason, on the 12' Powerbook, running Pure Data did switch the Fireface to 192kHz sample rate.

But actually, because of very few time, we finally used my computer and FF400 for the concert, and everything worked normally.