Topic: Totalmix midi control?other options?

I've written some pretty odd software to allow me to crossfade stereo effects using totalmix and a Fireface 800 in a live performance situation.

Still, I'm very limited by the way that MIDI control is implemented in totalmix.  The HUI protocol is quite clumsy when really all I want is direct MIDI CC control over each possible send/connection.

Does anyone know of any other interfaces with similar I/O with better MIDI control?  Will totalmix ever get updated to include this? I can't be the only one who wants to control totalmix with something BESIDES and HUI controller...

Any other options?


Re: Totalmix midi control?other options?


Re: Totalmix midi control?other options?


or please announce that Totalmix is completely midi controllable specifically via Mackie control or BCF 2000 etc, because midi control of the mixer was a feature that helped me make the decision to buy the fireface.  :-(

Sorry my first post is a complaint.....