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I am a techno producer and I play live with ableton live. I am really interested in RME products for their reputation of low latency. My problem is that I really don't need as many I/Os as the currently available interfaces offer. And investing that much money for a product that I won't use fully makes me seriously hesitate. I was wondering if RME would consider releasing a USB or firewire interface that would take advantage their acclaimed technology but with 2 or 4 analog I/Os only and a much cheaper price... I'm sure many people would run to buy such a product.

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           You don't need a soudcard for what you are producing.

RME, can only help you in a conversion situation. Analog to digital to Analog.

This is what SOUNDCARDS does generally. In you case, your sounds are in digital on you Hard-Drive or on Disks. Your MIDI is a direct IN and OUT from your controler on your usb (PC).

Your microphone is direct usb in the same way to your computer.

Your active speakers are also usb....

If I was you mate...I would go far away from a soudcard. We use them because we have no choices.

If you can do are by far, more independant.
Nevertheless if you are creating natural voices from live people, or even outside instruments like percussions (Tabla for example) to drive your dancing floor.

RME is the best in the business. The fidelity of sounds ...oufff.
They are the Masters of conversions and you never have anough converters I*Os available around to finish the job. HHHHhhhhaaa...!!!!!! 

I am a techno producer myself and play live on the dance floors for many years with RME and Cubase.
If you have sometimes, live stuff on MIC to perform behind your table,!!! Well... cheaper prices do not make many people run to buy such an exclusive product like RME soundcards.


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Of course I need a soundcard !
How else do you expect me to get the audio out of my macbook on stage for example ? Certainly not through the built it audio card... I need quality and a low latency. So...

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If you are connecting to something like a DJ mixer like the Xone 92/62 and just need RCA I/O maybe some of the Native instruments Audio 8 , or the compact Audio 2 interfaces would fit the bill at a lower cost.  I don't know how the latency performance is though.

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Yes, actually I already use an Edirol FA 101 which is ok but the reason why I would like to use an RME soundcard is the latency issue. Hence my question...

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I'm also searching for such a thing, but more to have good latency and quality while working quickly on some projects where ever and whenever I want. That makes me not having to set up and connect a multi In/Out soundcard, express card, power cable all the time.

I'm using Multiface II for my live setup. That works great, but I want something smaller as well, something that connects fast and easy, whitout to many options but again with good quality and latency like RME uses to offer. It could be something like a small USB stereo in/out interface with only one mic input and volume control...

As far as I know Edirol (cakewalk) and M-Audio sell something like that yet, but I'd be more happy to see RME release something similar!


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By the way, you can try and see if ASIO4ALL is making the performance of your default soundcard better?


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ASIO4all is for PCs only and I'm on mac

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I tried a lot of interfaces on my MacbookPro and to me the FireFace UC is really the best regarding latency and CPU usage .If the size/weight is really a problem then check Apogee:
great sound also, latency is OK  and the size can't be smaller I think.

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ASIO4all is for PCs only and I'm on mac

sorry, didn't know that wink


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I don't get this "you don't need a good soundcard if you are producing techno" bs!
Even when I'm not processing external gear "live" through my computer, my RME hardware allows for extremely low latencies and excellent efficiency without hearing audio artifacts at high cpu usage, unlike many other products!
And when I am inputting live midi and audio from external sources for further realtime processing...
...need I say any more?
So yeah, I think a lower cost limited i/o audio card from RME would be a very worthwhile product.
Might I suggest 4 analogue inputs, one or two doubling as a mic preamp, 4 analogue outputs, spdif i/o and midi i/o all in a box about half the size of the UC?