Topic: ff400 rare problem!!

After upgrading my pc from xp sp1 to sp2 and then sp3 my ff400 still 'hangs' and cuts out audio both in media players and sequencers.
If I try to bring up the software it just stalls and barely responds.
I have the latest drivers for the ff400 but it doesn't help.
Could it be that my version of windows xp is too old(2002)?
If I update the sp isn't that enough to be up do date with windows drivers etc or do I need to download updates from Microsoft as well? (Pc is not connected to the net)!
Any help will be gratefully accepted.

Re: ff400 rare problem!!

The 1st thing to verify would be to read carefully the thread here:


Asus P8Z77-V LE Plus_i7-3770K-3.9GHz_DDR3-16GB_Win8.1-x64_TI FW PCI_1xUAD-2_Cubase 4&7