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Hi everybody,

This is the first time I post in this forum.  The thing is, this is my third day trying to install my fireface 400 in windows 7 32bit version. I was running it with the 64 bit version in the same machine with no problem but when I siwtched to x86 it stoped working, the drivers install fine and I can open the mixer and matrix but when I try to run my DAW it says that my driver has stoped working. Also it won't receive any midi input from my keystation 88 that is fully recognized by windows and works with propellerhead reason and record. I'm desperate at this point, any advice would be really apreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Various ADK computers :-)

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I have already done this several times. As I said, drivers install fine, my Daw can "see" the fireface, the thing is after a few seconds after I select it as my audio device in propellerheads record preferences dialog a message will pop up saying my asio driver has stopped working and I can't get wmp to reproduce sound through it  either.

Any further advice would be sincerely apreciated.

Thanks for the reply.