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Topic: Project in progress. Needed help with finding a right audio card.


First of all, as a new member, I'd like to say I'm glad to meet you to all of You.
Secondary: English is not my first language so in this case I'm sorry in advance for my spelling .

OK, let's go to the businesses . There is a project running in my head. It is a audio system based on audio server. Main concepts are shown on the attached photo. System's users should have a possibility to choose a music channel of their choice (fox example: rock, classic, pop, jazz and etc.). There should be minimum 8 channels to used.

LINK to the diagram

Right now, I've got a dilemma with finding a right hardware component for audio server. What I'm looking is a right audio card. Can you please advise me what card should be used. The card should be able to transmit at lease 8 music channels over one wire medium.

Will you be able to propose something?

Thanks in advance !