Topic: Issues on compatibillity..

I have a Motu 828 Mk1 and I would like to use it as a slave input\output unit with the Multiface 2 being the master audio interface . Would the Multiface 2  reconize the Motu litepipe? Are there any compatibility issues?


Re: Issues on compatibillity..

ADAT transfer will work without problems.

Daniel Fuchs

Re: Issues on compatibillity..

O.K.!    so then what would be the procedure ? do I need to digitaly sync the devices i.e. via the SPDIF coaxial? I linked  my two devices together by both optical ports and someone sugested me to sync the devices (RME multiface 1 Master/Motu 828 Mk1 Slave)via SPDIF coaxial...What happens is that the Motu does syncronize with the RME but somehow I have no ADAT transfer on the DSP mixer. Could it be be a software routing/set up problem ? I Think I have the  Settings right but then again I am trying this for the first time so...I must have this neophyte anxiety syndrome....

Thank you for all your suggestions..