Topic: Volume knob issues on FF400, driver 2.65


Just wanted to report and issue I started having with the 2.65 driver.  Sometimes even though my FF400 is playing back audio and recognized by my computer, the volume knob on the front panel fails to control any of the input or output channel volumes.  If I move the Totalmix faders with my mouse, I can see the level changing on the front of the FF400 though.  Rebooting the FF400 sometimes fixes this, sometimes not.

Also, this morning ran into an issue where the volume knob was working, but only on the left channels, the right channels were not being affected no matter what.  Happens with Linked Faders activated or not.

MBP 10.6.2, c2D, driver 2.65.


Re: Volume knob issues on FF400, driver 2.65

Nevermind, somehow the link volume knob setting got disabled on the hardware itself, sorry for the false alarm.