Topic: Need help on FireFace 800 Routing

I use Nuendo 3.

Im trying to route external FX buss for my Massive Passive EQ.

Right now, Im getting a huge buzz/feedback.   My loop is setup as analog 7/8 input and output in nuendo.  Im not sure Im routing it correctly in the RME mix routing.

Anybody explain how to route 7/8 out to an FX unit and back to 7/8 input.


Re: Need help on FireFace 800 Routing

Set up the Massive as external FX and get the routings right - FX sends = FF outs Analog 7/8, FX returns FF ins Analog 7/8.
You'll find Massive as an external plugin in your plugin list. Be sure that the returns are not routed to your listen back channels (probably Analog outs 1/2 ?!?) as you'd have Massives return twice...

That's the Cubase way, Nuendo shouldn't differ.

Re: Need help on FireFace 800 Routing

I think that is probably the issue.  In my total mix...I havent changed my routing in years...and I am probaly not routing it right with respect to the inpu, playback and output.

yes, my master bus is 1/2.    Can you explain what you would do in TotalMix if FX is on 7/8's and master bus is 1/2.

I dont need ADM on to do this do I?


Re: Need help on FireFace 800 Routing

I presume your main outputs An 1/2 are connected to a pair of monitors. To make it simple, nothing but your Nuendo playback channels 1/2 (the middle row in Total Mix) should be routed to the monitors. Be sure IN 7/8 (Massives returns at the top row) are not sent to the physical outputs 1/2 (the bottom row).

ADM on/off shouldn't have a meaning...

Re: Need help on FireFace 800 Routing

Thanks man.  I will try it out again later today.  Totalmix is powerful, but admittingly my brain got stale on using it.

Re: Need help on FireFace 800 Routing

If you are using 7/8 as send for your external fx in Cubendo, don't forget to route 7/8 from middle row (faders @ 0.0) to 7/8 output row, and of course these ones @ 0.0 and nothing else going there.

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