Topic: Pc Mobo + processor for urgent and easy replacement ( FF800)

my pc has fried.
I have no time to spend with the long internet research to define a potential Mobo+processor optima set up for my needs beacause I need to have it done by the next week.
So I am asking your help for:
-suggest me a forum or a website where I can ask or check useful informations especially about mobos and cpus.
-any reccomandation for a mobo/cpu combination which has to be: happy with the FF800 ( my T.I. Pci Firewire controller has survived) and happy with Nuendo, not the best of the best but a clever solution for around 400 Euros or less.

thank you and sorry with Rme guys if I am too intrusive and off topic with this, but I feel this forum be my first home in crazy moments like this...

thanks for any help.

my best,