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Hi all. I'm hoping that someone can help me on this one. I recently updated to Windows 7 x64. I'm running 2.4GHz Quad Core Q6660 with 8GB DDR2 RAM. I've had my system set up for about a month now (running Cubase 5.1.1 64 bit), and noticed that I would get the BSOD typically once per day. After removing drivers, programs, and even reinstalling Win 7, I still get the BSOD. At this point, I have Win 7 64 installed with only my Wifi adapter (Realtek 8187L) and FF 400 (with driver version 29992 - I also had the problem with 29991).

Also, BSOD says the problems is with "portcls.sys", which I looked up and found was related to audio devices. After removing FF400, the systems seems to run fine. So I'm wondering if anyone might have this same issue, or better yet, know of a solution to this issue. Thanks. JP

Intel 2.4GHz Q6660 Quad Core
Asus P5K-E Wifi Motherboard
Cubase 5.1.1

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What graphic card? Are graphic card HDMI audio drivers installed maybe (ATI does that by default)?

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Graphics cards are nVidia 8500GT and 8600GT. I have three monitors running through two sound cards.

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Microsoft has released a hotfix for the 1394ohci.sys driver in Win7.  I'm not sure if this driver will help with your specific BSOD, but since this driver is used to support FF400 in Win7, it may be worth a try:

The KB specifically mentions a fix for a BSOD (STOP 0x9F) related to resuming the computer from hibernation (S4).

Another thing to try would be to reconfigure the 1394 driver back to the "legacy" driver.  Yes, Win7 comes with two inbox 1394 drivers: 1394ohci.sys is the new driver, and ohci1394.sys/1394bus.sys is the "legacy" driver, which is the driver descended from Windows Vista.

Good luck!

p.s. I just picked up a FF400 today and have been using it with a PC running Win7 64-bit for just a few hours...


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English link:

Thanks for posting this.

Matthias Carstens

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Thanks you very much for the info. This is why I like forums!!


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Thanks so much scan80269 and MC for your help.The problem seems to have been resolved (it's been four days, where as the BSOD was a daily visitor). But man, what a process to get that hotfix downloaded off the Microsoft site!!

Again, your help was very much appreciated. JP