Topic: Looking for a laptop running with a Fireface UC

Hello list,

first of all many thanks to RME and all list members. I found a lot of very helpful informations. But there are still a few questions...

I want to record a church choir. I will buy a new laptop and a fireface UC, because I read a lot about problems with firewire-interfaces. Furthermore some laptop dealers were not able to show me their products with the correct chipsets....
Anyway, I feel that the USB-interface should be a little less complicated in use.

I will run Win7. I read the recommendation to use an Intel Core2 Duo processor because all new laptops with this CPU will have an ICH8/9/10-USB-controler which will/should work fine with the fireface UC.

My question: are there any more requirements? Actually there are some laptops available with an I3 or I5-CPU (Packardbell and Acer) for a very common price (599 Euro/799 Euro).

May be I can run the recommended testtool "dpclat.exe" in the store. Is there anything more I can do to be sure that the new laptop will run with the "Fireface UC" before I buy it? Or do I overestimate possible problems?

Thank you in advance.