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I'm trying to use a FF400 in conjunction with MATLAB to deliver 24bit sounds in a research lab.  This involves writing an adapter (a DLL) to MATLAB.  In this adapter, I'd like to use the 'fireface_asio.dll' driver to access the FF400 hardware through the ASIO SDK (from Steinberg).  Using a DLL viewer tool (dllexp from NirSoft), the only exported functions from this DLL are 'DllCanUnloadNow', 'DLLEntryPoint', and 'DLLGetClassObject', none of which I would expect to actually access the hardware.

My question do I use this DLL to expose the ASIO functions (like ASIOInit(), ASIOStart(), etc.)?

If ASIO functionality isn't truly exposed through this DLL, how can I access the hardware?

I'm not sure if this forum is comprised of many developers, but any help is greatly appreciated.

Re: Fireface_asio.dll / MATLAB Integration

I can't help you regarding the 'fireface_asio.dll' but may be you want to check out this software which provides asio output in MATLAB … hange/4017.
I never used it though and can't tell if it really helps...
But if you find an easier or better solution I would appreciate if you could tell me...

Good luck,

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Re: Fireface_asio.dll / MATLAB Integration

The thread is some months old, so I guess you already figured this out. Nevertheless:

You don't have to explicitly link to any driver DLL. Just use ASIO SDK's AsioDrivers class (#include "asiodrivers.h"). It provides information about all the ASIO drivers currently installed and lets you load one of them. Thereafter, the function calls (like ASIOInit() and so on) are accessible via the global functions declared in asio.h.