Topic: PC microphone with HDSP9632?

Hi, I know that the analog inputs of the 9632 are line-level. But is there a way to plug a pc microphone in the analog input and here a little something anyway?

I juste need it for Skype and video conferencing
So my question do I absolutly need a mic pre or I should be able to hear at least a low gain signal? Cause I hear nothing now...

Windows 7 x64 with the latest HDSP drivers..


Re: PC microphone with HDSP9632?

No it won't work because typical pc microphones use something called an electret mic which needs a bias voltage to work. 

You are better off just buying a seperate usb headset for skype etc. Or using the computer / laptop on board  mic input instead. In Skype you can choose the audio IO in the application settings.