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Topic: need help getting best subwoofer settings for matrix and mixer

Hello fellow RME fans,

I have some very nice monitors that drop off at about 55hz. I bought an good quality sub, which requires an unbalanced stereo line level input to derive the subs's signal.

Despite the fact that I test rather well in the realm of intelligence, I've never understood the whole matrix/mixer setup. Most of what I've done has been through blindly pushing buttons that seem to make sense until something accidentally works. I recognize this is a very powerful piece of software, and I'm sure if I can ever experience the "VOILA!" moment, I won't have to ask these darn questions.

I plugged two cables into analog outputs 5&6 and ran them to the subwoofer. I generally route the music that comes from within the computer through playback 3&4, just to make it easy to remember. I also have three hardware synths plugged into the back analog inputs.

The sub has been satisfactorily woofing, except for one devastating problem: every time I change the SP left and right output (my understanding of the equivalent of a system volume control), I have to change the subwoofer settings, too. My goal is, instead, to just use the SPL and SPR (faders linked, obviously) and have the sub maintain its level relative to the monitors.

My workaround has been to use the presets and ramp the SPL and SPR up five db, remeasure the whole thing to get the sub right, then save the preset. Then I ramp the SPL and SPR up another 5db, and go though the whole process again. Of course, that means I lose fine control of the volume. I essentially have five discreet settings for volume and that's it.

I have enclosed two links to let you see how I have the Mixer and the Matrix configured. (http://screencast.com/t/NzE1ZmYx and http://screencast.com/t/NzA4YzI5). If the matrix looks like a flyover pattern of droppings by some ill geese, as I said, I don't get this thing at all. I know there is a simple answer, and I am trainable.

Love the gorgeous sound from the Fireface 800 and thanks in advance for any shared wisdom.

Oh, and I've read enough comments to know that some of the most knowledgeable people on this forum want to know about the rest of the equipment. I'm using a Rain Recording computer, Windows 7 64 bit, 8 gigs of RAM, AMD Phenom II X4 940 Processor,  an ATI Radeon HD 3400 Series video card, RME Fireface 800, dozens of synths both hard and soft, Sonar 8.0 Producer, SoundForge 10 Pro. My Digidesign monitors are driven by the spdif output of the RME.

Thanks again to anyone who takes the time to try to help. I was surprised this hasn't come up before, but I bet this won't be the last time.

Re: need help getting best subwoofer settings for matrix and mixer

Here are some tutorial videos that should help with your voila moment: http://www.youtube.com/user/RMEAudio#g/ … C632FC103C

It's not clear what the idea is with the SPDIF outputs - are your monitors using SPDIF input or analog? And your matrix routings don't make much sense to me, I would suggest a reset of the mixer (CTRL + Preset 1) then start over with the routings. Seems to me you just need to route the main output pair to both your monitors and the sub, right?

You can easily group channels so if you pull one fader, the rest of the group move to match, relative to the original setting when you create the group. Just click the output channel name tags (SP.L, SP.R, AN5, AN6) so they are yellow instead of white. This indicates they are grouped.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.

Re: need help getting best subwoofer settings for matrix and mixer

Thank you so much for your help. I was unaware of how to group channels, which makes all the sense in the world.

The Digidesign monitors can accept digital inputs or analog, or both. I take the spdif output from the RME and run it into the AES input on the right monitor, then run a RJ45 line to the left monitor. It's a neat system.

The matrix settings were just an attempt to run everything to everything hoping to accidentally make it work. Like I said, I could be dealing with Dead Sea scrolls and no hopes or any Rosettas falling out of the manual.

Re: need help getting best subwoofer settings for matrix and mixer

I watched all the videos (highly recommended...very helpful), but I still don't understand. I want to set the SP left and right and the subwoofer (playback 3&4) at the correct levels, and then have both move together. So that if the SP Left and right are at -30 and 3&4 are at -22, I'd like to be able to move SP left and right up 5db to -25 and have 3&4 move up 5db in tandem to -17. In other words, I want to make the SP left and right the master volume control.

Re: need help getting best subwoofer settings for matrix and mixer

If your monitors or your sub have(has) outputs, just connect them to eachother and feed everything with 1,2 from the FF?


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Re: need help getting best subwoofer settings for matrix and mixer

I'm trying to keep the signal as untouched as possible, one of the reasons for using a digital feed to the speakers. Plus, the wiring would be a problem.