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I just upgraded my interface to Fireface UC and have had nothing but trouble.  I was able to work for one day, but Live became less and less stable.  Crashes became more frequent, and now Live will not start at all.  I have downloaded and installed the latest drivers and firmware updates from RME.

Also, when it was working, latency was terrible.  I could not use any setting below 1024 samples without noise.  Promises of low latency were  the main reason I chose RME. 

Suggestions would be appreciated.

Ableton Live v8.1.1
Inted Quad Core Processor at 2.4mhz
Win 7 64
6gb Ram


Carl Fassl


Re: Fireface UC and Crashes in Ableton Live

This forum has lots of posts from people that had to learn how to optimize their W7 64 to work correctly for audio. This is not a RME problem. Please read the threads.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Fireface UC and Crashes in Ableton Live

Thanks for your response.
It is just a coincidence, then, that my Win 7 64 computer only began crashing when the RME was installed?

Re: Fireface UC and Crashes in Ableton Live

Does Live crash or does the computer crash?

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Re: Fireface UC and Crashes in Ableton Live

Live crashes.
My Win 7 64 audio computer had been running without a hitch for months.

I have had the FF UC installed for 2 days.  After installing FFuc, Live worked, but crashed in increasingly shorter intervals, until now it crashes on startup and will not load at all.

Also, if I turn off the FF UC, Live loads and runs fine.

Re: Fireface UC and Crashes in Ableton Live

Does Live only crash with ASIO or also with MME/DirectMusic?

What other audio device do you use that does not make Live crash and is it ASIO?

What graphic-card do you use?

1) Try deleting Live's "preferences.cfg" to reset Live's settings.

2) Try deleting the FF UC's drivers and reinstall them.

3) Try changing the graphic-card driver to "Standard VGA Driver" via device-manager.

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Thanks for responding.  I am fresh, rested, the guitar is in its case, and I am ready for another day of troubleshooting.:)

1.  ASIO or MME/Direct:  Not sure-- if I get Live running again, I will try it with MME/DirectMusic.  I always have used it with ASIO.
2.  The interface the FF UC replaced (Ediro M-16DX) was also ASIO.  No problems.
3.  NVIDIA Geoforce 9400.  Not the ATI cards that seem to cause trouble.  (See, I read the forum.)
4.  I deleted Live's "preferences.cfg."
5.  I deleted FF UC's drivers and reinstalled them.  (The new drivers from the RME support site.)
6.  Standard VGA driver switch made no difference.

Result:  I am now worse off than before.  Yesterday, Live would start and run if the FF UC was off (but without audio of course.)  Now, it will not start at all.  I am going to try reinstalling Live and going back to the Edirol interface.  If I cannot get the FF UC working today, I will return it.

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It's ok if you don't want to do more troubleshooting (it's tedious), but you should know that I am successfully running the combination of Live 8.1.1, Fireface UC, Windows 7 64-bit and NForce 9400 chipset (responsible for USB ports, albeit with dedicated 9600M graphics in my case).

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Well, I am making some progress.  So I will stick with the troubleshooting a while longer.  Thanks for the help.

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I read on Gearslutz that you are trying a new cable and possible hub/port problems. Let us know how thing work out.

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BongoDave wrote:

The Ableton Tech got Live up and running for me. WITH the FFUC attached.   I am able to run a new small set now in 256 samples.  On his end, something had whacked out the "preferences.cfg, vstinfo.cfg, and template.als" files. On the RME end, I still don't know.

The glitch is that I cannot open any of my existing sets.  That's alright, I like to start fresh every once in a while.

I have implemented many of the suggestions you all have made, and learned a lot in the process.  I think I am good to go for now.  I am still mad at that RME guy, though.

Thanks again to all who participated.  If I can ever do anything at all for you, let me know.