Topic: updating drivers ff400 - strange "side-effect"...


I've just updated my firmware and drivers for my fireface 400 - all works fine, but now every time I switch on my PC (running Windows 7, 64 bit) I am prompted (as soon as windows loads up) as to whether I want it to run "fireface.exe" and "firefacemixer.exe". I click yes, to both, and all works fine - but this is getting slightly annoying.... also, seeing as this didn't happen with my previous driver, I am wondering if i did do something wrong when updating the driver. I did this by going thru device settings, and specifying the location etc as advised in the readme file.

Any help on how to get Windows to stop asking me to agree to it running these files on startup, and whether or not it could indicate any more serious problem, would be much appreciated.


Re: updating drivers ff400 - strange "side-effect"...

Not a problem, this is MS trying to protect your computer. Just uncheck the box "Ask me every time" at the bottom of the prompt, then click Run. After that they will load at every boot without prompting you.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.

Re: updating drivers ff400 - strange "side-effect"...

Thanks - I did see these boxes, but didn't want to uncheck them incase the messages were an indication of a problem. Have done so now though, and all fine. Not yet used to Windows 7's modus operandi! Thanks for quick reply.