Topic: Any experienced advice here?

About to buy either a fireface 800 or an octamic II.

Price is roughly the same so no issue there.

4 mic preamps is plenty for me, so the octamic II doesn't really have advantage over the fireface for me there.

The most important thing for me is the 'quality' of the preamps / line signals / converters. I know thats a subjective thing, but I'm looking for the truest cleanest input from my external synths, samplers and guitars.

I tried looking at the tech spec. Fireface seems to have higher signal to noise ratio. Does this mean 'better' (ie: truer and cleaner?)

Can anyone offer some advice on choosing between these units? If there's little difference, I may aswell go for the fireface, as it gives me many more channels to expand with later, whereas the octamic has only 8, but if these 8 are the business, I'd go for the octamic II over the firefaces better features and options.

Many thanks, I know its an annoying question with no true answer, but some guidance would be appreciated, as I have no option to audition before purchase.

(PS: the unit will be connected to a raydat PCIe card, along with a steinberg MR816 and a focusrite octopre mk II dynamic... in case that makes any difference.)