Topic: DIGI9636/52 not recognised

i got a rev 1.6 digi card today [w52 eprom]

the adat outs do light up

the green led on an expansion card lights up

the card is not recognized in a new PC (XP pro sp2)
or in one that had a working digi card [drivers 2.11 already installed]

the good card works in both machines

what else can i do to test/diagnose this card?


Re: DIGI9636/52 not recognised

Nothing new in device manager? Try cleaning the contacts.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.

Re: DIGI9636/52 not recognised

nothing in device mgr.

i did the pencil eraser cleanup but still no love

can the eprom cause this behavior?

i'm a bit hesitant to swap the one in my working card...


Re: DIGI9636/52 not recognised

Hi. Have exackly that same problem on Mac. The card worked before in that same machine. It can be selected in Sound CP, DIGI9652/36 Settings shows: ADAT1 (connected) in sync but, in AUDIO-MIDI preferences where I can select it too, all 18 I/Os are grayed out reporting: "Not available"??
What can it be?