Topic: Using a Multiface with a Multiface II

I've had a Multiface II for about a year and I love it. I've always been looking for a solution to use the ADAT I/O. I am mainly interested in recording hardware synths to my DAW.

I've looked at various analog to digital ADAT out possibilites, but most seem to be pres. RME's own AD/ DA solutions are beyond my present budget.

I came across a "Steinberg Nuendo Multiset" in a local ad. It claims to be and looks to be a multiface.

Two questions. Can I use this stand alone to to send ADAT to the Multiface II?

Would it be better to simply install it along side?

Thank you.


UFX+, ADI-648, Win 10, i7 10 core 3Ghz 64 Gb, Cubase 9, PT 12.8