Topic: FF400 - sound on more programs in WinXP

it's really making me crazy.
I have a FF400, latest drivers, on WinXP SP2
I would like to hear the sound from Youtube and play at the same time Guitar Rig, or Reaper and at the same time a MP3 player.
What do I have to set?

I searched previous posts but I didn't find anything

Re: FF400 - sound on more programs in WinXP

You will have to use the same sampling frequency and different software output channels (mid-row in totalmix) for each source (Windows Audio, Ableton, ...).

This is explained in more detail in section 12.5 (Multi-client operation) of the user manual.

BTW: I believe you that you didn't find a post, because it is hard to find a keyword to search for (unless you know about "multi-client operation") - but the posts about it are numerous - so may be it would be good to post a sticky about multi-client operation? And another one for the TotalMix tutorial videos wink.

Re: FF400 - sound on more programs in WinXP

App 1. use playback channel 1&2, turn off other playback channels
App 2. use playback channel 3&4, turn off 1&2 and other playback channels
App 3. use playback channel 5&6, turn off 1&2, 3&4 and other playbacks channels

use same settings as above for recordings channels as well

route playbacks channels from app's in Fireface mixer to desired output SPDIF, Head Phones etc

try it and see if it works

regards S-EH

Re: FF400 - sound on more programs in WinXP

Fantastic, it works
thx for help!