Topic: FF400 dont lock at 88.2 or 96KHz ADAT In

Im Trying to Record at 88.2KHz Using ADAT In on FF400 and my ADAT source is an Apogee AD16.
My Apogee is set to 88.2KHz and RME is in Autosync, ADAT In prefered as Clock Source.
My RME Drivers says the ADAT input is at 44.1 KHz and when i change my apogee to 96KHz, RME Driver says ADAT In is 48KHz.
No mather what i do i cant put  ADAT In in S/MUX mode to read Apogee's clock.

Is it me missing something or is this an issue?
At this time i have no DAW opened. Just me reading Driver's Software.

Any help is highly appreciated!
Many Thanks!
Pedro Cruz


Re: FF400 dont lock at 88.2 or 96KHz ADAT In

That's your problem: open the DAW software and start recording - and it will work. Start with DIGICheck...

S/MUX means half sample rate, btw.

Matthias Carstens