Topic: Can't get Fireface 800 back up and running on a fresh XP install

Hi Jeff..

My hard drive died so I bought a new one and dowloaded the latest Driver & Flash tool. I followed the pdf instructions for installing the driver for Windows XP. Everything looks fine and I see Total Mix and the RME settings box down in the right corner of the startup bar. But when I click on the Flash tool and then click RUN..nothing happens. I am running Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3. I called and left my no# about 15 minutes ago. I'm sure I am missing something simple here? I have been pulling my hair out. And I have tried the different combinations as I did read about the Flash won't work with the wrong driver. I am not using TCO. And when I go into my Device mananger and look at the sound components.The Fireface 800 has a yellow exclamation symbol ! after it? Thank you so much!

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Re: Can't get Fireface 800 back up and running on a fresh XP install

AFAIK you should have drivers correctly installed prior to run the flash tool, and so far your drivers seems not since the yellow exclamation symbol. Having the TotalMix and Settings icones from the tray is not enough, you have to be able to show them when you click on these.
You should install 1st correctly your drivers, if the latest fail, try an older version and tell Windows what to do (i.e.: manually reach the appropriate drivers folder).

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