Topic: FF800 and octamic outputs

I got ff800 and a octamic hooked up with lightpipes in adat 1. (Logic 9) I would like to send all my monotracks to my analog mixer. everything works with ff800 and all indputs in the octamic is fine too. But output  on the octamic wont playback In the firewire mixers output 13-20. All the pins on the octamic is in the upper possision.

Hope that some of you are able to help


Re: FF800 and octamic outputs

Octamic has no DAC, the analog outputs are direct from the mic inputs.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.

Re: FF800 and octamic outputs

Thank you Jeff.

I Have to use my old Fostex cx8 as DAC to get some more tracks out of my ff800. I tryed that yesterday and it worked out fine! Just got an old Mitec vary desk and would like to use it.

Regards Jan