Topic: Success story: lowest latency 0.7ms on RayDAT


Just a positive remark - I'm very happy with my RME RayDAT interface.

On my new but relatively cheap audio-only configured Windows machine, I get no dropouts at all on the lowest latency settings possible.
That's great, especially because I use my daw as a drum module a lot of the time, and for example 5ms already feels "wrong".

So a big thanks to you guys!! :-)

RME Hammerfall DSP RayDAT Driver 3.08.2 -> Buffer Size 32 samples (0.7 ms) -> Sync slave from AES-1
Apogee Mini-Me @ 96000/24
Apogee Mini-Dac (slave sync)
WinXP x64 SP2
Asus V4-P5G45 barebone, DualCore 3.33GHz, 8GB ram, separate pci network card (onboard=irq-conflict)(*), ASUS NVidia 7600GS Silent 512MB (driver, 1TB WD Enterprise hd
Abe Live 8.1 + Max -> 96000/24 -> Input latency: 0.35 ms -> Output latency 1.03 ms -> Overall latency 1.39 ms
DPC Latency Checker: 15-25 us when idle after startup, 55 us when idle after startup Abe Live with empty project, 55-65 when running with gigabytes of samples in memory. CPU is around 20%.

(*) network card is enabled (devman) when i need the internet, I use a vmware virtual machine for that (don't want a virus scanner on a daw ofcourse, internet is blocked for normal ip address). Minimum buffer = 128 (3 ms). For serious dawwing, I disable (devman) the network card (even with seperate card to avoid irq conflict, the DPC latency in idle gets to about 80 us, which is too high), so I can get to very low latencies (as mentioned above). Can be scripted with support dir on winxp install cd.