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Topic: Some inquiries before I buy the FF800

Hi all,
    First off, thanks for your time, I look forward to owning and hopefully being able to return the favor soon.  So here is my situation: I just went through (and sadly still going through) hell for owning a mackie with their built in firewire card option.  Four months are now gone, and if possible I don't want to repeat big_smile  I've always heard RME is known for good drivers and such, but you never know.  So basically I'm running on a Toshiba Satellite (A355), with Windows 7.  I have two expresscards, both TI chipset (one siig, one startech) plus an onboard firewire input (probably not TI though).  I know there are always variables, and its not a simple yes or no answer, but are there some suggestions (or if anyone does have experience with some things in my setup) that you could give?  I've just been put through the ringer, and I just don't want to make a mistake I could prevent.  Thanks again you guys, cheers

Oh, and I forgot to mention my AC adapter for the laptop is a two prong, so I shouldn't have the issue with the ff only working when its unplugged, thanks!

Re: Some inquiries before I buy the FF800

doubt it will work just adding a Ti express card does not solve laptop issues.
since you aleady bought the laptop mught as well try it.
if RME wont work nothing will.


Re: Some inquiries before I buy the FF800

Thank you man, I will let you know how it goes.

Re: Some inquiries before I buy the FF800

I do not have that laptop or run windows 7 but I lived through 4 years of complete Aardvark Dual Q10 hell.

When the RME showed up I think I went for over 2 years without a crash.  Finally I crashed when I accidentally turned the FF800 off while playing a file or some such thing.

In general, I would say I have been incredibly impressed with how robust the drivers and software is.

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Re: Some inquiries before I buy the FF800

I've been running Firefaces with a pretty old laptop + onboard chipset (Toshiba Satellite M30, TI FW chipset) - worked perfect! and right now I use a Satellite Pro P300 (unknown chipset - 'ohci compatible' is all that's mentioned in device manager) and everything's fine. Both XP32, no experience with W7 yet, but I'd bet you have a good chance everything works out right by default. In the end you really have to try to know...

Re: Some inquiries before I buy the FF800

I cannot tell you how glad I am to hear that!  I'm going to order tomorrow, and am actually feeling excited (a rare thing after my most recent debacle).   Thank you guys again, I hope I can be as much help as you guys have big_smile  Cheers,