Topic: Advice about clocking RME Cards


I have the following cards in my computer:

one HDSP AES 32
one TCO attached to the AES 32

I was wondering, using the current driver version (3.08.3), what would be the best clocking configurations.

Th epurpose is: to be clocked to an external source, and to be slaved to LTC.

One first thing I'm not sure about is does the internal connection between TCO and AES32 transport WC or some sort of clocking or not?
If yes, I guess then to select it ?I have to choose TCO in the AES 32 Pref Sync Ref.
Am I right?

now with the different situations:

Case n?1:
Clocking to video: I need to use the Video in of the TCO, and then I need to Slave the AES32: what is the better way? by choosing TCO in the Pref sync ref of the AES 32 or by choosing Wordclock and connecting the WC out of TCO to WC in of AES 32?

Case n?2:
clocking to WC: Which device should receive the WC first? TCO, AES 32, HDSP MADI?
If TCO, same question as case n?1, using external WC cables or TCO Pref Sync Ref?
BTW what does the Sync In stands for? can the TCO sends something there?

Case n?3
clocking to MADI: then WC needs to be send to either first AES 32 or TCO. Which should be preferable?

Case n?4
Clocking to AES: then WC needs to be sent to TCO and HDSP MADI, which one in first?

Case n?5
Clocking to LTC via the TCO: I wonder why I'd want to do this? Is LTC serious enough to be used as a Digital audio clock?

And to finish, is there a case to be favored or avoided in the 5 cases above?

Thanks for any informations,

Best regards,