Topic: Multiface1 + Hdspe-Card: Input Level Max = -40db

hi there,

after my problem with the multiface not being recognized by my computer (caused by a broken power adapter) i am still not able to get it working again...i bought a new power adapter and the multiface is correctly recognized as multiface, but when i try to record in logic all input channels have a maximum peak of -40db (in logic and in the rme mixer)...there is also no sound on the headphones output of the multiface (the rme mixer also shows a signal with a max of ca. -40db)...anyone had this?...
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Re: Multiface1 + Hdspe-Card: Input Level Max = -40db

That sounds like either the power supply does not supply enough power, or the MF is broken inside.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Multiface1 + Hdspe-Card: Input Level Max = -40db

The obvious can't be overlooked (even if it is an elementary Recording concept) - You aren't trying to plug a MIC level signal into the Multiface's LINE level inputs, are you?  I doubt it, but this sounds like it could be a possibility with the levels you cited above.  Will your Media Player application play MP3's and/or Wave files at regular levels?

I'm sure I'm underestimating your knowledge - but all bases need to be covered :-)

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Re: Multiface1 + Hdspe-Card: Input Level Max = -40db

...thanks for your replies!...i will check out another power supply since it's not a "wrong" line-in signal...hope that i can bring it back to life...otherwise...mhhh...the fireface uc looks nice....ha...