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skynet is really f/mucking up and giving me 1kbs speed - there is some bad storms in my area. skynet sux.

consequently i cant search anything. i can only type.

i would like to know how to use the phones function in total mix

i have main monitor out  1 &2 and phones out  63 and 64 - only using the one mix here not the other 2 phone jacks. so im not doing 3 separate submixes and routing them to 3 places.  I only want one main mix to either go out the main or out the phones.  when i press the phones i expect the main to mute.

notice that when i depress the phones button the main monitor switch is toggled to off yet activity still appears in these main channels.  Is there a way to depress the phones mix and have the main mix toggle off...the phones buttons are just another submixes arent they? or presets of the one submix...

Monitor Phones 1/2/3
Use the drop down menu to select the hardware outputs where the submixes are sent to. These
submixes are usually phones mixdowns for the musicians. A click on the button allows to hear
the specific submix via the Main Monitor outputs. So when setting up or modifying the submix
for the musician this process can be monitored easily and any time. Or in other words: you can
easily check other hardware outputs/submixes by using the Monitor Phones function, without
the need to copy/paste routings back and forth, or to reconfigure the cabling at the hardware.

manual left my simple mind a little confused.

best regards to all musicians and sound engineers.


Re: phones in TM

Hi roon,

When you press the Phones button, this routes the Phones mix (63 & 64) to the chosen Monitor Main outs (1 & 2) in addition to 63 & 64. If you want to mute the Main outs, use the Dim button below Monitor Main.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.

Re: phones in TM

thanks jeff.
function is clear now

did all you said and saved it as a preset.