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I have some troubles making sound out of Out 3+4 on my RME fireface UC 400, out 1+2 is routet to a pair of active speakers and i wanna route 3+4 to a normal intergrated amp for a second listen setup.
My sound is iMAC via USB and i "think" i have been trough everything, but i will just not accept "No sound" it seems like no problem if it is with another source let's say in 7+8 wich is a drum machine, then the sound runs fine. Could it be that it is because usb can only run to Out 1+2?? i have try other out with no luck:-)

By the way...this soundcard sounds amazing:-)..!!

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Re: Output problems

More info needed, do you see any signal in the bottom row of the FF Mixer on 3 & 4? Do you just need to route the same playback on 1 & 2 to channels 3 & 4 also?

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Re: Output problems

I just need to route same playback to 1+2 and 3+4...BUT i  worked it out 5 minutes ago:-) excepted when i use my wolume on mac-keyboard it only turns up for 1+2 unless i have the mixer open then it turn up both 1+2 and 3+4. Please do write if any deeper explenations are needed and thanks for a very fast reply!!:-) and i see signal on 3+4 on bottom row!!