Topic: Achieving 96khz recordings FF400?

Hello there, this is my first post, I have had my FF400 since August 2009 and run it it with a very capable P.C. built by a friend of mine with cubase SX- I am extremely happy with the quality and ease of use and dispite the P.C. glitching and freezing every now and then have had no major problems.

I am curious as to know how recording at 96Khz is achieved and how I know I am doing so?

I have only used the analogue inputs so far as this is my first major move into DAW recording and wanted the best I could afford.
I have even recorded my own live drums through just the existing 4 ins on the front panel straight in to see how much I can make do with and the results have been better than I could imagine.

Is 96Khz recording only possible using the digital ins?

Like I said I  am happy with the quality anyway (as far as i know i'm doing everything 44.1 - 24 bits?) but would like a bit more of an elaborate understanding as to how to be able to record at that rate (96Khz).

And also still new to it all, however I like to try all sorts of things.Still yet to make use of the many available features.

Any info to help me better understand the steps to such a process would be greatly appreciated, I'll be 30 soon and after years of doing it tough working on an old hard disk recorder, cassette four track and "two-cans-and-a-piece-of-string" technology I am just so relieved to have come this far!

I have spent the last couple of days reading through all the posts regarding FF400 and copying and pasting all the handy info so I can use it as a reference withouth having to dig back through the index and have found it very informative still couldn't quite find anything specific to my plight.

Thanks for any help!

Hear my first ever song (just a demo) recorded with my FF400 its called "Seek"