Topic: Fireface 400 and CPU usage...

Hey up there!

Now i am a proud user/owner of a Fireface 400. :-) First, everything works fine and i am very surprised positively!

Well, one thing is pointing to my eyes: on the desktop with no processes in backround, i got a cpu usage of 0%. As soon as i start a program for hearing music (like WinAmp or some) i got a constantly swaying cpu usage between 20 and 80% of ONE core (i have a core i5 750 with windows seven 32bit in use). It is every time the fourth core. Maybe is that important: my monitors are gone out from the Analog 3 and 4 devices. Furthermore my Fireface is not set as the standard device. It is set for every program i use special. Is that a normal reaction from the cpu?

Please ask for further information,