Topic: Fireface 400 on Imac 27 with i5 processor

Audio card totally dead, the snow leopard not detect my audiocard. I've used latest driver on rme site and lates firmware update. I have a lacie cable FW800 to FW 400. Any ideas? The card work like a charm on a Pc with windows 7.
I?ve noticed that in /users/username/library preferences not exist any fireface folder and any com.rme plists

Any ideas? i'm totally disapponted...

Re: Fireface 400 on Imac 27 with i5 processor

If the pref files don't exist, the driver never detected the unit so far. First try a complete removal of driver files, in case you ever installed wrong (PPC) drivers. Repair disk permissions then install the driver again.

Otherwise, since the unit works fine on another system, your iMac might have some trouble. Shut down, unplug all peripherals, unplug the iMac power cable, then hold the power button in to drain residual power. Plug it back in, and try the FF again.

If it still doesn't work, then your cable might be defective.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.